Ever wondered what your wife was up to late at night under the covers….

Well apparently it’s playing with her…. mobile.

As Women over 30 are the most enthusiastic mobile gamers.

With 27 per cent of them spending more than three hours a day playing them. A couple at night (ahem – Ed.)

A new study of the habits of 15,000 games by social gaming specialist MocoSpace looked at play habits on mobile, consoles and PCs.

Its finding that women over 30 are the most addicted will raise some eyebrows. There’s no doubt females have embraced a habit previously dominated by teenaged males, but are they really the most active of all?

Well, that’s what the study says. Specifically, it reports that 27 per cent of women over age 30 spend more than three hours playing games on their mobile phones every day.

That’s double the percentage of men on average, as well as that of females from ages 12-29.

Elsewhere the research asserts that 46 per cent of people were playing more games in December 2011 than a year before, and 21 per cent play more than an hour a day.

Only 26 per cent are playing more on their consoles, and 23 per cent said are gaming more on their PCs.

In terms of intensive play, consoles win out – slightly. The MocoSpace round 21 per cent play mobile games an hour a day, against 24 per cent for console gaming.

Either way, they’re sitting down to play mostly at home – despite the mobile nature of the media.

“The fact that people are gaming on their mobile phones at home, often sitting a few feet away from their controller, shows that mobile is capable of grabbing and holding their interest. This data makes it clear that mobile is a viable alternative to console and PC gaming,” said Justin Siegel, CEO of MocoSpace.

Which is great news for a couple of people I know who are starting a mobile app / games company. So best go off and tell them before the rest of the world takes note 🙂


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