Mobile users spend 94 mins a day on apps

It’s official – we spend A LOT of time on apps – apparently 94 mins a day.

Which is more time than it takes to watch Toy Story.

Analytics firm Flurry says users were spending 81 minutes a day on mobile apps last June, but now that rate has gone up by 13 minutes. Meanwhile web consumption dropped to 72 minutes.

The revolution is already here – which is great news – for great marketing 🙂

Which is great news for greatmarketing – as I have been a bit of a prophet in the wilderness about mobile for a while now!…. About 18 months… to five years!

Remarkable that mobile fiddling now occupies more time that idling around on the fixed web. But anecdotal evidence (try public transport and have a look around) would suggest it’s correct.

These users are spending 49 per cent of their app time on games, 30 per cent on social networking, seven per cent on entertainment and six per cent on news.

Worth pointing out that most people are probably doing both mobile and web browsing – the two are unlikely to be mutually exclusive.

Either way, it’s a huge percentage of the day. It means people are spending roughly one tenth of a person’s day is spent on apps (assuming a 16 hour day).

Other interesting findings from the Flurry data include the attribution of the small decrease in web consumption to a decline in Facebook use.

It says daily usage of Facebook fell from 33 mins a day in June to 24 minutes now. Mind you, the social media giant shouldn’t get too depressed. Its own numbers show how successful its mobile channels have become – it has 350m mobile users by September 2011.

So really we probably spend more mobile Facebook time than anything else as the Facebook app for mobile is still one of the highest ranking downloads of all time!

It’s all about Lo So Mo Pho baby.


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