Shocking news…. Four in five UK businesses don’t have a mobile site

So good luck accessing those fancy Flash animations, smartphone losers.

A study by EPiServer reflects the appalling lack of mobile nous displayed by UK plc. Which is wonderful news for those of us just about to launch a mobile marketing company creating such things as sites and apps for this market place 🙂 Mobile Entertainment magazine found that….

While 73 per cent of consumers now access websites on mobile devices and two thirds have used a mobile app in the last year, only 20 per cent of companies have a mobile-optimised site.

But there’s even frustration with sites that have gone mobile. 32 per cent of respondents said they find mobile websites hard to navigate, while 35 per cent said that if a mobile website is hard to use they’ll drop off.

In fact 15 per cent said they had stopped using a mobile website because it was difficult to navigate and 14 per cent rarely feel like the mobile version of a website meets their expectations.

Here are their reasons why:

* Too slow – 49 per cent
* Login too difficult – 35 per cent
* Missing functionality – 35 per cent
* Lacking content – 19 per cent

But it’s not all gloom. The study found marketers are beginning to plan for a mobile future with 76 per cent saying they currently have a mobile strategy in place, with 26 per cent  expecting to launch a mobile-optimised site in the next year.

So is there an opportunity – we think so with the right product and some great marketing into the service mix.


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