Almost a third of UK consumers have made a purchase using mobile

Now we all know that the majority of UK consumers (59%) now own a smart phone, but did you know that now, 18% own a tablet device, and as many as 67% have used an ‘app’! Which is great as starting a mobile phone app development house called GoSoMo. But it’s not all good news for us as this survey shows… there is a lot of work still to be done to make the consumer happy…..

The EPiServer study, which reveals the opinions of 1,000 UK consumers, highlights that not only 73% of people asked have accessed a website using  mobile devices in the last twelve months, but also the challenges these consumers face when choosing to engage with mobile sites.

The EPiServer study – Developing a mobile strategy: how to deliver mobile sites that truly engage ( – reveals that when consumers are using the mobile internet they do so for a variety of reasons.

More than half (51%) use it to look up directions, 49% to access social networks, 43% use the mobile web to find information about organisations and brands while on the move, and almost a quarter (24%) use it to make online purchases. Which we think is very high indeed *great news but rather high.

“These findings show that consumers are increasingly turning to mobile websites when on the move or looking for information,” said Maria Wasing, VP of Marketing Europe & Sales Operations, EPiServer. “The rapid development in mobile technology and the quick uptake by consumers of mobile sites and apps means that more and more brands have the opportunity to connect with potential customers, encourage purchases and build brand loyalty. It’s crucial that marketers become aware of the mobile channel in order to maximise their online results”.

Mobile challenges While the number of consumers making use of the mobile internet may be on the rise, the picture of how they experience using these mobile sites and apps isn’t entirely rosy.

More than a quarter (32%) said they find mobile websites hard to navigate, while 35% said that if a mobile website is hard to use they’ll drop off.

Further to that, 15% said they had stopped using a mobile website because it was hard to navigate and 14% indicated that they rarely felt like the mobile version of a website met their expectations.

So design is all important – as ever and so is the User Experience – as ever. So best start making apps people can get around…. hence the new company and our obbession with not being techies….

As unfortunately, consumer frustrations didn’t end there and they are becoming less forgiving of bad mobile experiences. A quarter (25%) said they would try a competitor if the mobile website was not working, while 64% said they’d only give a mobile website an average of three chances to work before moving on.

The EPiServer report can be downloaded from It gives a full overview of all the findings from the consumer report as well as insights into how online marketers are handling the challenge of mobility.

Great news. A great report. An oldie but a goodie (Ed – Dan Sodergren)


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