The Uk is the place to be for Mobile Marketing…. in Europe…

A recent study of over 4,000 mobile device users has found that the UK is the most receptive market within major European economies. The research also found that UK consumers were more receptive than even their American counterparts.

UK firms were advised that thorough research and best practice were the way to gain consumer confidence as consumers become more accustomed to mobile marketing. And we think so too (not only as we are developing a new division of Great Marketing Works to do this – but also becuase this is the future of all great marketing)

According to the report ‘Promoting to the Mobile Consumer’, three quarters of the UK population are comfortable with receiving mobile promotions. The figure dwarfed that of Germany, with just 46% of respondents as receptive. France also had a low uptake, with only half of respondents happy with offers and promotions via their mobiles.

The UK still overtook the USA, with only 72% of American respondents saying they were similarly happy. There was also significant variation in the way that different markets preferred to receive information on the move. For example, in English-speaking cultures, text messaging was the clear preference. Yet in France consumers were more likely to be receptive to voice-based services, emails and microsite delivery.

America preferred promotions offering a discount, whereas in the UK discounting ranked second behind two-for-one promotions for over 60% of consumers. Which is probably a remnant from the power of the tesco campaigns 🙂

Another crucial finding was that once engaged with a promotion, three quarters of those receiving it regularly pass it on to friends and family. Incentives to participate and/or to pass on were nonetheless still cited as an important strategy to increase uptake and pass on rate. Which is why all mobile must also encompass social (but you know that – what with more than half of Facebook using Facebook Mobile! And three times as much as web top users…)

One interesting finding was that despite concepts of today’s more budget conscious consumer market, financial incentives were not the only valuable tool. Horrah – so its not just cheap and cheerful but more than that. Emotional affinity with brands still has a powerful role to play, for example, offering VIP access to a particular event matching core communication messages.

In addition to appropriately engaging content, the perception of the delivery itself was also a major issue affecting uptake. Brands were advised to create prize promotion incentives and offers which above all else fostered trust in the provider. Which is what guerrilla digital marketing teaches us everyday. We will the hearts before we win the minds.


One thought on “The Uk is the place to be for Mobile Marketing…. in Europe…

  1. That sounds about right. I think we in America are slower to adopt mobile than others. I think it’s because most do not have smart phones yet. It’s only about 40% market share here. That’ll change, as it’s rising constantly.

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