Get ready for incredible mobile commerce strides in 2012

The mobile commerce landscape evolved tremendously in 2011, with retailers and brands increasingly using mobile to drive online and in-store sales.

Not only that but we even saw a little “augmented” action from a few – which was nice…

However, it wasnt all just cool marketing gimmicks and first past the post stuff. People are simply buying more and more on their mobile phones especially in America.

So are clever retailers likely to place a larger focus on driving mobile sales, specifically. The lovely people who wrote this think so click here to download Mobile Commerce Daily’s Mobile Commerce Outlook 2012and I do too.

Tactics such as more customer service on retail mobile sites and in apps through recommendations and other personalization features, and also commerce-enabled mobile ads will help drive sales made via mobile. Not only this but the clever marketing gimmicks (like augmented reality clothing apps) will wow people into more and more sales experiences on their mobiles / tablets.

In America, In 2012, mobile commerce sales will rise 73.1 percent for a total of $11.6 billion, per eMarketer. The fast pace of mobile commerce growth is helping to drive overall ecommerce growth by converting potential bricks-and-mortar sales to digital sales for consumers using their smartphones while shopping in-store.

Maturation in 2012

In 2012 mobile commerce will be more than just having a mobile-optimized Web site and an app. Having a mobile commerce strategy will mean pulling out all the stops – SMS/MMS, mobile-commerce enabled advertising, mobile coupons, using mobile social media to drive mobile sales, the list can go on and on.

Mobile commerce will have a large focus on building loyalty and providing customer service in 2012. Retailers who revamp their mobile strategies to include loyalty-building tactics and customer service, will definitely differentiate themselves from competitors.

And, that will be what will matter most in 2012. Mobile will serve as a means to differentiate from competitors. 

Challenges lie ahead

Of course, mobile commerce will face its challenges in 2012. For example, privacy and security will be big issues in 2012 for mobile commerce.

However, an MEF study found that 25 percent of American consumers will make mobile payments if they trust the device’s security. Building this trust will be big in 2012.
Mobile price comparison apps and services will continue to effect brands and retailers in 2012 as well. There will be the few that try to resist – such as Target has. But, at the end of the day, it is something consumers are going to do and retailers need to find ways to cope with this.

Another challenge in 2012 will be convincing everyone of mobile commerce’s importance.

Twenty-seven percent of top U.S. retailers do not have a mobile site, according to 2ergo. This number will decrease drastically in 2012, as more retailers and brands jump on board the mobile commerce bandwagon. However, there will always be the non-believers.



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