Mobile Marketing with Facebook Timeline: Newsletter Integration in Tabs

We all do things (marketing things) that help send people to our facebook pages and promote Likes, but how can you take advantage of the fans you got using mobile to build the best interactions possible with your brand?

As half of Facebook users (some 400 million) interact with the site on mobile devices, and those mobile users tend to be more active than others. I thought I had best blog about it and so below are some really quite wonderful tips posted by  on how to use Timeline and integrate a newsletter data collection into this.

I know you probably already have a Facebook page for yourself or your brand and you probably also already have an email newsletter (you better do.)

But are you then reaching all of your Facebook fans by email as well? Help make it easier for followers to subscribe to your newsletter by adding an email signup form to your Facebook page. Here’s how:

Start by visiting the fine Facebook app store to browse or search for your email newsletter service provider. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other newsletter services have dedicated Facebook apps to make newsletter signup easy. If possible, customize the app as much as you can to make the signup process streamlined to avoid dropoff.

Integrating the newsletter app with your Facebook page will add a tab for the app to your timeline. You can change the position of the tab, as well as its name and image, using these handy tips. Timeline tabs don’t seem to be fully realized on mobile yet, but once they are, you’ll have a great way to get mobile signups.

Now you’ve got an easy way for mobile folks to follow you via email as well as on Facebook, increasing their interactions with you across multiple channels. Try it today to see how you boost subscriptions, and stay tuned for more marketing with Facebook Timeline tips.


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