Everyone is talking about Google Project Glass – but let us not forget – Brother did it first….

Similar to Project Glass, AiRScouter is for industrial use – as Brother is embracing manufacturing applications as someone in Brother told me many months ago…. gosh I wish I listened more.

This is the Brother AiRScouter

Photo: Brother

Brother — the printer company — the rather a good presence in the NW printer company – sells an augmented-reality eyewear device called the AiRScouter.

You see. Brother are ahead of the game and whilst – Project Glass, experts have told us that the manufacturing and medical sectors are prime candidates for augmented-reality applications, so Brother’s ideas are to stay in the manufacturing world. To help people (probably their people but maybe others too) make things quicker, or better, or cheaper.

As in addition to helping employees build and maintain products, the system can be used for communication. With an optional camera and audio attachment, the wearer can transmit video back to support center staff — which can then direct the machine operator on better ways to fix problems in real-time. Which is very very cool – very Japanese / very Toyota / very Eric Dries … (in start up joke – all about Lean Startups and manufacturing.)

The entire system is pretty slick. Too bad it’s only currently available for purchase by commercial entities in Japan. Like the Vuzix Star 1200, the AiRScouter needs to be plugged into a computer or smartphone to work. Which is why I blog about it here – as augmented reality on mobile phones is what we at goAugmented are all about too. 

The glasses employ a monocular (single display) design with a translucent LCD that sits in front of the wearer’s left eye. Brother says the resulting image is the equivalent of looking at a 16-inch monitor that’s one meter away. As a factory worker is operating machinery, the AiRScouter can overlay workflow instructions in real-time.  Gotta love it.

Not sexy but very smart.


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