The mobile market – the Global Online Shopper Report – some amazing findings found

With the rise of tablets, laptops and smartphones, no place is off-limits as a mobile shopping venue…either globally or personally it would seem

And that includes the pub, the car and even the bathroom, according to findings released Wednesday in the Global Online Shopper Report. The report was commissioned by WorldPay to survey consumers and senior decision makers from global retail merchants in order to identify the shopping habits of consumers around the world.

The findings showed that e-shoppers are increasingly varying the devices they use to shop online: 55 percent use a laptop, 19 percent use a smartphone and 11 percent use a tablet. Which is really interesting as a couple of stats from my clients at Great Marketing Works – and our analytics masterclass – are showing some amazing numbers for ipad buyers.

We are seeing that people who use mobiles to shop tend to be “heavy spenders,” those who have spent 30 percent of their disposable income online in the past year.

Globally, 55 percent of heavy spenders have used a smartphone and 67 percent a tablet to shop in the last three months to buy online. And the UK leads Europe in the percentage of disposalable income that they spend online (at around a quarter of their spare cash!!) not as much as India percentage wise – but I guess maybe more per person revenue wise.

As for specific places to shop  29 percent of global shoppers shop online at work; 6 percent do so while at college or university; 6 percent while in a car (let’s hope not while driving); 6 percent in a physical retail store; 7 percent shop at a cafe, bar, restaurant or pub; and 8 percent shop with their mobiles while on vacation – which shows how boring some people’s holidays are 😉

Among the 95 percent who make purchases at home, 54 percent seal the deal from their living room, 43 percent do so in the bedroom, 5 percent shop while in the garden, and 3 percent do so in the bathroom. Again, a lovely image of boredom -whilst on the job 😉

Entrepreneurs should be aware that cross-border shopping abounds too: 44 percent of global consumers purchase from an overseas website. Australia has the highest proportion of shoppers willing to buy from retailers located abroad, with 76 percent of those polled saying they shop outside the country. The biggest reason for shoppers whose eyes wander across the border: 60 percent claim they can get a better price.

Other findings:

  • Customize it: The survey asked consumers which website types they thought they would buy from in the coming year and the results pointed to an increase in custom goods in almost every single category.

That latter points that not only do consumers want to customize their own shopping experience, they want retailers to make it more personal too. Which is why I am part of goAugmented (an award winning augmented reality developer) who’s new project is precisely this – bringing together augmented reality and mobile applications into the fashion world – creating a digital changing room for your pocket 😉


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