Great news as Velti releases its mobile ad industry report for June. Things going up!

Gotta love them guys at Velti, as they pull out some lovely data from their lot.

Bascially it’s good news for us all, but better news in other places. I.e. Israel is the leader in app engagement, with adults using apps for an average of 80 minutes per day. Sweden and Singapore are next on the list, while the United States is way behind, with only 38 minutes spent in apps on average. Worryingly, the UK didnt even come in the top ten.

I say worringly, but only if you are only looking at the UK as a market. Which from our research too looks like not the way forward. So for massmob – the world’s best portal for pay as you go brand able mobile games – perhaps England is not the best place to start.

The report also looks at trends in eCPMs, i.e., the amount paid by advertisers for every thousand impressions. There’s a lot of talk about how those numbers are lower on mobile, but at least Velti says that for the most part, eCPMs increased from May to June.

In sports, average eCPMs increased 23 percent (to 76 cents), and in games they increased 20 percent (to 90 cents). However, the most lucrative categories are still weather ($1) and education (91 cents).

Which is still pretty low for games developers. But not impossible to work with.

On the device front, iOS has claimed an increasing percentage of Velti’s ad impressions for the past few months, and the gap widened in June, with iOS accounting for 62 percent of ad impressions compared to Android’s 38 percent. (The breakdown was 59-41 last month.) And Velti says that Samsung’s Galaxy devices are seeing “slow growth”, at least in terms of ad impressions — collectively they account for less than 5 percent of impressions, compared to 31 percent for iPhones and 9 percent for iPads.

Which is great news – as our branded mobile games are coming out on iOS first.

The data is based on data from Velti’s Mobclix Exchange, which supposedly serves ads to more than 33,500 apps. So they know what they are talking about when it comes to mobile marketing.


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