People ask me about mobile apps – here is a beauty!

Many High-profile brands are tapping into mobile potential.

And some are just creating silly apps which are no more than mobile websites.

Nothing wrong with this – but the real value of an application can be so much more as LV found.

Louis Vuitton launched the ‘Amble’ app this year, which combines a travel-sharing function with a collection of city guides. You document and share your own amble with your friends through the app. Louis Vuitton cleverly enlisted celebrities to share their favourite ambles in their own cities, so you can feel cool whilst visiting Rachel Weisz’ florist.

The app also beautifully relates to Louis Vuitton’s brand message.

For the past few years, Louis Vuitton’s print campaigns have focused on ‘personal journeys’ featuring celebrities voyaging to exotic locales toting LV monogrammed bags. With Amble, users can imbue their own trips with Vuitton glamour. The brand reaches out to socialize with its fans through their smartphones.

Now that is greatmarketing.


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