Fair play to them. Sega decides to crowd source development :)

For a while now I have been telling people that the change in society is all about the ease of production and what that really means ala Hear Comes Everybody (Clay Shirky et al)

This is something which is underpinning my thoughts about creating something that can help market the new generation of gaming talent out there. It seems that I am not alone in these thoughts as the BIG boys are know doing the same.

Sega – with many a blockbusting hit – is now thinking more about mobile and the long tail. Today, announcing, the formation of a new publishing initiative, SEGA Alliance.

The SEGA Alliance will focus on publishing mobile games made by independent developers.Which is kinda what MassMob is about – a place where new developers can launch games – but we are going for the B2B market place rather than B2C.

The SEGA Alliance will provide participating developers with comprehensive marketing and production support as well as creative consultation. SEGA Alliance’s first title, Jack Lumber, developed by Owlchemy Labs, launched today on iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® worldwide. I haven’t played it but I am sure it rather good.

Jack Lumber tells the tale of a supernatural lumberjack out to exact revenge on the forest after a tree killed his granny. Players will massacre the forest in this time-warping, line-drawing, pun-filled mashup from Owlchemy Labs, the scientists of mobile gaming who create award-winning absurdist mobile hits like Snuggle Truck.

“SEGA has been a major player in the mobile games landscape for years and we’ve had tremendous success bringing our iconic franchises to smartphones and tablets,” said Chris Olson, vice president of digital business at SEGA. “With SEGA Alliance, we’re looking forward to sharing that success with talented developers like Owlchemy Labs by introducing new and unique games, such as Jack Lumber, to the market. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some trees to destroy.”

“We’re very excited about being the first developer to partner with SEGA Alliance,” said Alex Schwartz, chief scientist at Owlchemy Labs. “We’ll be able to introduce Jack Lumber to a much wider audience than we’d originally hoped thanks to the resources provided by SEGA Alliance. Working with SEGA has been the opposite of dealing with a lumbering bureaucracy. We just focused on making a great game. Now Jack Lumber is branching out across mobile devices and players worldwide can show those treacherous trees who’s boss!”

This moves shows us a couple of things – not only how clever gaming people are at writing PR releases – but also how the world is changing and brining more and more BIG names in the world of mobile marketing. It is very interesting to see that Sega has made this move first. Does this mean they are more desperate or more cunning than others. Only time will tell.


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