As Facebook move into Mobile – so Twitter post some BIG numbers.

Looks like anything Facebook can try to do, Twitter does better. Well, when it comes to mobile advertising that is.

Twitter’s revenue from mobile advertising was higher than that of its website on many days in the last quarter, its CEO has revealed. Which is what Facebook would love to be able to say. And so would their shareholders 😉

Dick Costolo made the announcement earlier this month at a conference in San Francisco, telling reporters Twitter is “borne of mobile”. Something echoed by Bruce Daisley in his great talk which he gave at #SAScon which I spoke at (a different version of the same talk is posted in Youtube here…)

Costolo added: “even though we launched our ad platform on the web, and only started running ads on mobile a few months ago, it has already been the case a couple weeks ago that we saw mobile ad revenue for the first time in a day be greater than non-mobile revenue. So mobile revenue for us is already doing delightfully well; I couldn’t be happier with it”.

“The last thing I’d say about the business there is we’ve also noticed just as our mobile users are more active than our non-mobile users, the engagement rates on ads on mobile are much better than they are on non-mobile platforms.”

Adverts were introduced into the Twitter timelines of smartphone users back in February, while in March, advertisers were able to send promotional tweets to people using Twitter via iOS or Android, who comprise 60% of Twitter’s 140 million users.

Although Twitter has held back official figures, digital media analysis firm eMarketer estimated that Twitter’s revenues could reach $260 million in 2012 and $540 million in 2014.

And now they are changing their API as well – so could this be the start of something else for Twitter?


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