Can Facebook really monetise Mobile – hmmm – looks like a good start.

Shortly after the launch of Facebook’s mobile ads, a number of studies have come out which show that customers are reacting very well to the new channel.

While over time the figures will most likely drop as the novelty factor goes away, it is still a very impressive start.  As it looks like the CTR is some 13 times higher than traditional digital marketing, yes you read that right, 13 TIMES HIGHER!!

The first study was based on nearly 280 million ad impressions by four of Facebook biggest Ads API partners: TBG Digital, AdParlor, Nanigans and Spruce Media.

The study showed that mobile sponsored stories earn over 11 times the eCPM on mobile compared to Facebook’s desktop ads.

In addition, the mobile ads have nearly twice the CTR and over 2.5 times the eCPM of Sponsored Stories on the web.

The second study bySocialCode, another one of Facebook Ads API partners, was based on a little more than 7 million ad impressions. This study found that the CTR for mobile ads was 0.79% compared to 0.327% for desktop only news feed ads. Further, the CTR was 0.148% average across the 5 placements studied (mobile, desktop news feed only, desktop only, news fee only (desktop and mobile) and the “control” group (uniform bids made across placements).

The real exciting part for me, which is where it all comes into SOLOMOPHO again, is that Facebook has also announced it is working on a location-based advertising model, that would allow companies to target potential customers based on their whereabouts. Now this is where the real money is. And by real I mean real time bidding money is 😉

This and mix up a little social augmented reality – and the whole world changes. But will Facebook’s plummeting share prices 😉


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