A mobile app for charity…. inspired from FreakEconomics …

Once in a Blue moon – I give an idea to the universe.

Here is my idea for an app which incentivises people to give money to charities they don’t know anything about.

Hope you like it – and even if you thinks it rubbish – I would like your votes and thoughts.

Click here to help

The User journey.

A page on your phone or in facebook where you give money to charity. This is linked into all the social platforms. So you can like it, tweet about it etc.

The app then talks to facebook and picks ten top friends (or you can choose which ones from a bigger list.)

The app then randomly picks whether you will get a game, app or piece of music (or you can choose which one you prefer)

The app then picks a random charity from our database of either a local, national or international charity they would like to give the donation to.

Your friend then gets a social notification that you are using the application – this happens automatically be that through twitter, facebook, or email.

This could also be a request to allow the friend to look through their apps, music, or ebooks so that they can pick the item they want.

The app gets permission to go into your friends accounts and create a top ten of free downloads you can share.

The app searches through and gives them a top ten in usage terms and then randomly picks something from the list. Be that a tune, an app, a game, or an ebook.

The app then posts up on your TimeLine that you are giving money to a certain charity and getting this for free from your named friend.

Which helps the charity advertise itself, you feel all warm inside, gets you a free download, and you have something to chat with your chosen friend about next time you see them down the pub 😉

I would love your thoughts on it – so click here to help with the idea

Or feel free to steal it and make it and make the world a better place 🙂


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