Ok now this IS something Google can do better than Apple…. be a search engine ;p

One thing that Google’s continued to work on since the launch of the then-Android-Market is app discovery.And this has been a bug bear of mine from the start of my ideas in mobile.

Apps are great (well ok some apps are great) but finding the great ones is the real problem. Just like finding really great websites (apart from naughty ones) was hard (no pun intended) to do back in the day.

The days before Google.

Even with thousands of great apps ready for you to download and install, they do neither the developers nor Android as a platform any good if users just aren’t finding them. In the past we’ve seen Google introduce curated recommendations from staff, which is sweet and a little like Apple’s chosen few.

But this has nothing to do with real searching or recommending or the human experience. 

So it has started making things personal last month with a “Recommended for You” section in the web-based Play Store. Now, that feature is finally coming to the Play Store app, as well.

Factors like which apps your Google+ friends enjoy, and the general geographical area in which you live play a role in influencing just which apps Google recommends. Below each, the Store will give you a brief explanation of why it thinks the app might be pertinent to your interests.

Now this IS clever and we like it. I like it so much we might move all our apps onto Andriod only.

Only kidding. But Apple take note. This is your weak spot.

Even more clever is that when Google just totally misses the mark on its suggestions, you can tap an “uninterested” icon to let the company know, and hopefully lead to it providing more on-target recommendations in the future. Which is a nice feedback loop.

Again something perhaps Apple is too arrogant to do?

Check out what Google’s suggesting for you, and let us know how good a job you think it’s doing.


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