Thinking about a mobile phone game but too expensive… get it crowd funded?

Well according to Kickstarter: 2012 has been the year of the game

Over the past eight months more than $50m has been put toward game campaigns on Kickstarter.

A Kickstarter blog post entitled ‘The Year of the Game’ breaks down games meteoric rise on the service since it started in 2009. The numbers count for digital games, as well as board and card games.

To give you an idea of what the $50m figure in 2012 means in terms of growth: In 2010 the games category brought in just over $500k, and last year the service saw well under $4m.

This year the segment has gone from the eighth most-funded in Kickstarter history to the second most-funded. Quite a jump, especially considering there’s still a quarter of the year left to work with.

With still a ton of successfully-funded projects in the works, there’s still a ways to go until we know if crowdfunding can maintain such a huge following. That said, it looks like there will always be a place in the games industry for the method.

However, for those of you that want a branded mobile phone game – something which is a marketing device for your company. Perhaps a more cost effective game might be an idea – watch this space.


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