Today I have been mainly – surfing the web – checking out #greatmarketing.

Which isn’t something I do for a whole day, everyday. But today was different. I was inspired by one or two bits of cleverness which send me into a whirlwind digital rabbit hole of discovery.

My eyes now hurt and so I am going to stop but what I will tell you is this.

The world of badge and leave it sponsorship is over. About 10 years after I thought it might go the way of the dodo.

What has killed it off is the cleverness of the internet and the ease of content and digital creation – not just websites and banner positions but rather intergrated marketing strategies – that are based around more than just a brand and a creator.

The lines are so blurred you do wonder if some of the big brands aren’t just buying up high end clever creative companies with great ideas just to use them as advertising platforms.

The point is case (and there are many more) would be Buzz Feed and GE’s sponsorship of them culminating in the very very wonderful Facebook intergration (is it an app I wonder) and again.

Firmly ironically post modern, knowing the GE name is old school, it even laughs at the historic founders… with a wonderful BFF sketch.

Then the very clever bit tha application allows you to share pictures of yourself (or anything from back in the day to today) a process anyone (even young people) can enjoy,. So it turns the negative into a positive and keeps you warmed up with interaction and intergration into social i.e. posting on facebook.

And even doffs it visual cap to mobile with a cheeky knowing smile.
And brings in the brand again – but it a mocking way – which you can only do when you are a massive brand like GE. With its section of old school ads. Which perhaps could have been done better as a timeline in facebook for a mini campaign…. who knows 🙂

It is truely greatmarketing – and like all greatmarketing ideas – you could / should steal elements of it. And elements could be added to truly make it LoSoMoPho.

I.e. could they add in locational variables – so pictures of the location where you were born?

Perhaps you could add them to the then and now story. And really drive home the nostalgia and wow factor.

But anyhoo – Ad age – talk about it here – with much better journalism 🙂

It’s worth thinking about when you think about your own marketing i.e. moving away from the banner and display do stuff which people will own, love, share and reshare. You could call it PPC 2.0 – but I would really rather we didn’t 😉



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