Amazon App Store Zeroes In On Strengths: Real Goods Purchasing And Recommendations


At just a year of age, Amazon’s app store is a relative newcomer against both Google Play and Apple’s app store. Yet given Amazon’s prowess in e-commerce plus the Seattle-based company’s willingness to aggressively court top-tier mobile developers, the store has certainly made itself noticed in the app ecosystem.

We caught up with Aaron Rubenson, who has overseen the app store over the last two years as a director, to see how it’s evolved over the past year. So first off, Amazon is notoriously private about any of its sales figures, so there are no numbers on total downloads beyond “hundreds of millions” and there no stats on the active installed base of Kindle owners either.

What does exist are stats from third-party metrics companies like Flurry and bigger developers like TinyCo, which suggest that customers in Amazon’s store monetize at least three times better than Google Play consumers…

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