Can Social save this Mobile? As RIM brings out number 10….

Research In Motion, god bless it,  kicked off its BlackBerry Jam Americas conference with announcements that it would sell music, movies and other content through its app store.

Which is great news for mobile game developers like ourselves with Enter Mobile.

The company also said Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking apps have promised to build BlackBerry 10 apps. Which is how it is planning to save itself. Through Social…. but will it work?

RIM said the new version of its App World storefront will expand its selection of available content to include music, television and movies, a move that brings BlackBerry on par with Apple’s iTunes and Google Play. But of course lacking the BIG numbers.

But will they make up for it in quality i.e. a bit like Linkedin vs Facebook.

RIM also announced Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare and Twitter will support RIM’s BlackBerry 10 platform when it launches next year. In addition, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will all be incorporated into BlackBerry Hub, the company’s new unified messaging system. BlackBerry Hub allows users to quickly access messages, aggregated from various platforms. Which is something which a surprisingly young audience in mobile has got hold of and ran with.

CEO Thorsten Heins emphasized the importance of multitasking in BlackBerry 10 by highlighting BlackBerry Peek, which lets users view the main screen without leaving or closing an application.

BlackBerry Development Head Alec Saunders also made an appearance during the company’s event, highlighting the benefits of developing for BlackBerry. According to AllThingsD, Saunders attempted to appeal to developers by touting BlackBerry’s versatility, given that developers can program using native code, HTML5 or port existing Android apps. Saunders also encouraged developers to integrate BlackBerry Hub into their apps.

BlackBerry released its Dev Alpha B, which runs BlackBerry 10, to developers during the event.

These moves come as enthusiasm for BlackBerry continues to wane, with the percent of developers interested in developing for BlackBerry dropping to 9 percent, according to Appcelerator. RIM’s market share also continues to shrink, to a 9.5 percent in July, according to comScore.

“We understand the BlackBerry platform was not always easy to develop for but those days are gone,” Heins said. “You stuck with us and we thank you.”

“We are convinced this platform will shape the next 10 years as profoundly and as positively as BlackBerry shaped the last decade. To do that, we are listening. We are focused. We are excited about our future,” said Heins.

All I can say is Good luck and if you are not bought out by someone massive soon I will be more than a little surprised 🙂

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