M:Metrics Co-founder Seamus McAteer Launches Metaresolver, Promising Clean Data For Mobile Ads


Mobile advertising startup Metaresolver is launching today, and like a number of other companies emerging in recent months, it’s tackling what its founders see as the big problem holding back mobile ads — accurate audience targeting.

The company was founded by Seamus McAteer (CEO), previously co-founder of comScore-acquired mobile data startup M:Metrics, and Mike Rowehl (CTO), the first engineer at Google-acquired AdMob. It spun out of Churn Labs, the startup generator that was created by Rowehl and AdMob founder Omar Hamoui. (In fact, Rowehl and Hamoui’s decisions to focus full-time on specific startups led to Churn’s shutdown.)

McAteer tells me Metaresolver isn’t trying to create divide the audience into segments like the just-launched AdMobius, but instead working on the step before that. The startup works with digital agencies to provide “clean, trustworthy data” that can serve as “the foundation” for smarter media buying.

Every ad impression…

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