How many retailers in 2012 really give the same focus to their mobile strategy as they do to web?

Mobile has undoubtedly been the buzz word for every marketer, ecommerce professional and digital strategist since 2007. Can you remember being there with only a 10’s of people in the room at Adtech?…. I can!

But how many retailers in 2012 really give the same focus to their mobile strategy as they do to web?

Whether multichannel or pure play, the question is – how are our customers going to be engaging with us today, tomorrow and in 5 years time? Increasingly, mobile is the answer.

Speaking at eCommerce Expo, Google Industry Lead, Nic Cumisky, gives us 7 stats that show it’s mobile that’s truly driving the retail industry forward:

1. There are more mobiles in the world than toothbrushes.

2. 25% of all time spent online is on mobile.

3. 78% of mobile phone owners in the UK use their mobile for shopping – be it purchase, price comparison or even in-store.

4. 1 in 3 queries on Google via mobile have a location intent

5. In 2010 and 2011, more mobile and tablets were bought than desktops

6. The year 2010 – 2011 saw a quadruple digit growth in mobile payments

7. 1 in 3 UK consumers purchased via mobile over Christmas.

From purchasing the Crazy Frog ringtone via SMS 10 years ago to the most sophisticated form of NFC and behavioural based mobile site today, by 2012 mobile should have moved away from a translated desktop, and be acknowledged as a channel in itself.

How much value do you place on mobile as a separate channel?

It’s a good question and one which we are answering for our clients at Great Marketing Works. And one we are going to be raising as we go to The Web Summit in Dublin tomorrow – v excited!


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