A Telling Gesture: Qualcomm Acquires Assets Of Digital Ultrasound Company, EPOS, To “Differentiate” Next-Gen Snapdragon Chips

Sounds like a great idea


Qualcomm Technologies, a subsidiary of mobile chipmaker Qualcomm, has announced it has acquired “certain assets” from Israeli company, EPOS Development, which develops low-cost, digital ultrasound positioning technologies for use in input systems such as pen, stylus and gesture recognition.

Here’s how EPOS describes its technology on its website

EPOS technology is based on the transmission of ultrasonic acoustic waves between two or more devices via a Transmitter and a software-based Receiver. The Transmitter, embedded within an input device, sends constant acoustic signals to the software-based Receiver that in turn, uses them to measure the distance and position of the pointing device.

Enabling advanced, embedded technologies for both 2 and 3 Dimensional input solutions, EPOS technology uses only standard MEMs microphones, making it low in cost and easy to integrate with only minimal hardware and design changes required.

Qualcomm said the acquired assets will be incorporated into its Snapdragon processor…

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