Adfonic: Apple Now Has 37% Of All Mobile Ad Impressions; Samsung In Second In Largely Fragmented Market


In mobile device rankings, Samsung continues to pull ahead of the rest of the field as the leading mobile handset maker, and the leading smartphone maker specifically. But when it comes to mobile advertising — a key and growing area of monetising content on mobile — Apple continues to be the engagement champion. Mobile ad network Adfonic says that Apple in Q3 accounted for 37% of all mobile ad impressions on its network, with Samsung the second-most popular at 24%, and the rest trailing some ways behind.

It will be interesting to what happens in Q4: In its AdMetrics report, Adfonic notes that Apple increased its lead over Samsung by three percentage points without much impact from the iPhone 5, which only hit the market at the end of the period. So one way of charting iPhone 5 popularity will be to see what kind of an impact it has…

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