The Facebook Button Is Back On Phones: Nokia Puts Social Networking Knobs On ~$62 Series 40 Asha 205, 205 Dual-SIM Qwerty Handsets


Amid all the Windows Phone, luridly coloured Lumia hype, it’s easy to forget Nokia sells a far more successful line of mobile phones, based on its Series 40 OS. While it sold just 2.9 million Microsoft-powered Lumias in its fiscal Q3, sales of Nokia mobile phones totalled 76.6 million during the quarter — of which 6.5 million were its Asha full touch phones.

For a little more context, Nokia says there are 675 million “current users” of Nokia Series 40-based phones globally.

Full-touch Ashas are only a portion of the Asha range — which runs to 12 phones in total. Or it did until today as Nokia has just added another two new models to the range, due to launch in Q4: namely, the Asha 205, and a dual-SIM variant (called, obviously enough, the Asha 205 dual-SIM) which has two SIM slots to support multiple SIMs. These…

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