Grading 2012 mobile predictions: mostly hits but a few misses


As the holiday nears and the year — not the world — ends, it’s a good time to check my mobile predictions from 12 months ago. With the pace of change accelerating, it’s becoming quite difficult to prognosticate even six months down the road in some circumstances. But before New Year’s Eve, I’ll check my crystal ball to see what to expect 2013 will bring to smartphones, tablets and mobile technology in general. Until then, let’s see how I did over this past year.

Wearable computing becomes the next mobile frontier. We’ve seen some strides forward in this area, but it’s still a young market. I suggested that we’d see more of these devices and we did: smart watches, health monitoring gadgets, and Google’s Project Glass(S GOOG), for example. Wearable computing isn’t mainstream just yet and probably won’t be for some time.

We’ll remotely connect to our smart…

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