How Fab became fabulous in 18 months

It shows us all what can be done…


Fab, the online design store, has so much momentum worldwide, it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s only been at this for 18 months. CEO Jason Goldberg has helpfully put together a slideshow for employees, partners and customers recapping how far the store has come since it launched in June 2011.

FabThe company’s vision is to ultimately become the IKEA or Amazon (s amzn) of design. Considering IKEA has been around for 60 years and Amazon for 18, Fab clearly has a long way to go. But with 10 million members, the company believes it can be a winner by hammering on its goals, which are to have a unique personality, sell exclusive stuff and “lead on mobile and social.” And it plans on going even bigger globally in 2013.

Goldberg doesn’t go into too much detail on Fab’s upcoming game plan, though he stresses Fab’s success will come…

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