Basecamp, the project management platform developed by 37 Signals that launched in 2004, is still alive and kicking, which is something of a feat considering how many companies have come and gone in this space over the years. Plus, more recently, a slew of promising new players have entered the market, including Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein’s Asana, Joel Spolsky’s Trello, Siasto and Podio (now part of Citrix) — to name a few.

Basecamp has also managed to stand the test of time (and is now managing over 8 million projects) by bucking the trend and sticking to the mobile web rather than developing native apps for iOS and Android. But, after 8 years, Basecamp’s first official iOS app finally hit the App Store today. While the company will be quick to tell you that Basecamp has long been on the mobile web and available through a…

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