Who wins what? Andriod wins mobile but iOS thrashing with tablets

Its looking good for #mobile with over all numbers becoming eye watering – with Consumers across the globe are on pace to download 56 billion smartphone applications in 2013, up from 32 billion a year ago, ABI Research forecasts.

Yet who will win the download war? Apparently on mobile, smartphones running Google’s  Android will fuel 58 percent of all downloads this year, ABI reports whilst  Apple’s iPhone follows with 33 percent of downloads, trailed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone at 4 percent and BlackBerry at 3 percent. The latter I will say nothing about apart from god bless em.

However, with tablets it’s a different story as  Apple’s iPad is projected to drive 75 percent of all 14 billion tablet app downloads in 2013. Android tablets will account for 17 percent, excluding Amazon’s Kindle Fire (which runs a forked version of Android which I must confess I quite like), which will generate 4 percent of downloads. Windows-based tablets are next at 2 percent.

While ABI anticipates a growing number of smartphone-focused application developers will embrace an Android-first strategy with the year, Senior Analyst Aapo Markkanen says “Arguably the most pressing issue for Google is how much of this handset momentum will ultimately trickle down to tablets, where Apple is holding the fort remarkably well. We would argue that in this context Google will actually benefit from the efforts by Amazon, since the presence of Kindle Fire adds a lot of critical ‘code mass’ to Android’s proposition as a platform for tablet applications. It is worth remembering that Android’s so-called fragmentation problem isn’t only a problem, but that it has a certain upside as well.”

For us game developers (or soon to be game developers) there seems to be only one system to go on. Which is good news as my next few ideas for mobile games only really work on a big tablet with wifi 😉 … If I told you anymore I would have you sign an NDA. 

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