HTC First (and my last) with Facebook Home


My distaste for the privacy challenges of Facebook(s fb) and its apps including the Home is pretty well documented. As we move into the connected age and build a quantified society, Facebook’s dark shadow looms over us like a menacing monster. So perhaps that made me an unlikely reviewer of the HTC First, which is the first official phone that comes with Facebook Home, a hybrid app-skin environment for Google Android (s goog).

Since I don’t really review devices like my talented colleague Kevin Tofel, I will restrict myself to things I like and dislike about Facebook Home. And then, I will share my quick impressions of the actual hardware. So here we go – and please don’t treat this as anything more than just my impressions!

What I like about Facebook Home (on First)

  1. Facebook Home is visually very attractive and makes Android a lot more attractive and…

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