Confirmed: Facebook Has Acquired Osmeta, A Stealth Mobile Software Startup

Finally Facebook makes it mobile move….


While Facebook is building out a bolder role in mobile in the form of Facebook Home, it looks like it is also continuing to make acquisitions that will help bolster that strategy overall. We have learned that in the lead-up to the launch last week, the social network appears to have quietly picked up Osmeta, a Mountain View-based mobile software startup. Osmeta had yet to launch a commercial product, and it is not completely clear at this point if this is an acqui-hire or a technology deal as well.

We have reached out to Facebook for a comment and will update this post if we hear back.Update: A Facebook spokesperson has now confirmed the acquisition, with no further comment. Original story continues below.

This is what we’ve been able to piece together:

— Osmeta has been around since August 2011. It was co-founded by Google/IBM alum

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