Well it looks like Facebook is really “mobile first” as it redesigns it’s Mobile Pages.

As Facebook continues to ramp up its mobile efforts, the social network has redesigned its mobile Pages to enable users to more easily find brand information.

Hurrah for facebook – and some might say – about time too.

Maybe it’s time to buy, buy, buy them Facebook share. Surely there is an app for that.

As they say themselves MOBILE is massive for them  as “Each day, millions of people visit Facebook Pages—with almost half accessing them from their mobile phones. This is why we developed a new mobile Pages layout tailored to the way people look for information on their mobile devices,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“A Page is a business’s identity on Facebook, so we’re making it easier for your current and potential customers to interact with your Page in a way that’s both efficient and useful.”

The redesign features a “cleaner, simpler look” and puts user interaction front and center placing actions such as Like, Call, Message and Share at the top of mobile pages.

“We’re delivering on what people want when they’re getting to the page, beyond just seeing a list of the page’s posts,” Matt Idema, head of product for Pages at Facebook, told Bloomberg Businessweek. “It really allows people to take actions and connect with those businesses.”

Pages now also highlight business information and photos more prominently, Facebook said. In the old version of Pages, visitors had to make extra clicks or scroll down to get business information.

The revamp enables businesses to share offers, videos and photos more prominently, allowing businesses to “pin” this content at the top of the Page. It also provides simpler mobile management, giving business Pages owners the ability to easily switch between public and admin views directly from their mobile Pages and/or devices.

Facebook is definitely serious about mobile. The social network recently turned off its internal website for a week, forcing employees to “think mobile first,” according to Fast Company.

While Facebook already rakes in a lot of advertising dough, it is setting its sights on grabbing even more dollars via mobile. A recent eMarketer forecast predicted that Facebook will net $954.9 million in mobile ad spending this year and seize nearly three in 10 dollars in the mobile display market.

The Pages updates are immediately accessible via mobile browsers and the Facebook iOS app. New mobile Pages on the Android app are coming soon, Facebook said.

Nice work facebook – now if you could then mix this with a little more analytics information 🙂


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