Leap2 gets $1.6M to change mobile search


Sure, today Google(s GOOG) is dominant in search, but it may not always be. And while Microsoft(s MSFT) is doing its best to hammer on the search giant on privacy-related issues, the threats to Google’s search business, such as the one posed by Apple’s(s AAPL) Siri technology, which bypasses search pages entirely, are far more disruptive than an ad campaign.

That is what Kansas City, Mo.-based startup Leap2 hopes its new search site that combines the web, location and social in a way that delivers detailed results while allowing for serendipitous discovery, will be: Disruptive in a way that draws search market share from Google. The startup launches its site Tuesday on mobiles and also said today it had raised $1.6 million in first round funding. The round was led by Dundee Venture Capital, with support from OpenAir Equity, Linseed Capital and the Wichita Technology Corporation.

Mike Farmer…

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