Is the party already over? Or should we develop on Facebook first?

A little while back I blogged about what platform I was thinking about developing on first.

Well it looks like it one that I use every. Facebook has suddenly got all friendly with mobile gamers.And not just the Candy Crush kind. The small developers like me. But let’s see how it all pans out shall we?

As , reports, Facebook is all about making friends, but the social media giant may have to prove itself before it makes more connections in the mobile gaming space.

Less than two weeks ago, the company announced Facebook Mobile Games, a pilot program whereby it will offer promotional support for select developers across its mobile apps. In return, Facebook will take an unspecified share of revenue that comes as a result. Ten developers are already on board. Some from the UK.

The initial reaction from the developer community, as reported by ,  on Twitter could best be described as “cautiously intrigued.”

I was the same for a while (around 20 seconds) but now I am thinking this will be perfect for EnterMobile. As it sounds to me like a great idea for Facebook and an even better idea for small mobile phone game developers. I am cautiously optimistic –  to say the least.

Now I just need to find a Manchester based mobile / social game developer who will work pro bono 😉

What do you think (not about working for pro bono) but rather on Facebook mobile? Is that party already over?


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