Rise of the prosumer analyst: How mobile is driving a new brand of business analysis


Today, it seems natural for, say, an iOS (s AAPL) developer to follow Apple’s company affairs — changes to the executive team, the number of opening-weekend iPhone 5S sales, or even Apple’s stock price — in the same vein that he stays abreast of the company’s latest SDKs or APIs. Ten or twenty years ago, though, it was fairly uncommon for anyone outside the investment community to seek out this kind of information, and even less likely an engineer.

Analyst Benedict Evans describes this era in technology as one in which “a bunch of worlds are colliding.” For tech professionals and tech companies alike, “there has been an explosion of different things that you would need to be interested in.”

Mobile analyst Horace Dediu, deemed the “king of Apple analysts” by Forbes, also recognizes the changing landscape: “Your professional education is going to change. You’ll never stop…

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