250 million reasons why I love apps and mobile

Some people ask me why I am “into” apps? Why do a love mobile and all it entails. And why I left a stable job with a large company placing digital apprentices to a small start up specializing in a mobile app which helps you get the best taxi price in Manchester. JusTaxi - the free tai fare compare app

The answer for at least one of those questions is below. As Gartner are reporting that mobile apps as an industry will be worth some $77 billion by 2017….  Not bad eh?

Which means about  250 million users will download apps, making them one of the most popular computing tools for users in the world (each of those potential customers being a reason I love mobile…)

Whether these are apps using geo location technology like Justaxi the free taxi fare comparison app I work for or not will remain to be seen. However, what is going to happen according to Gartner is that “mobile users will provide personalized data streams to more than 100 apps and services every day.

“Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers. From entertainment content to productivity services, from quantified-self to home automation, there is an app for practically anything a connected consumer may want to achieve,” said Brian Blau, research director at Gartner, in a statement. “This connection to consumer services means users are constantly funneling data through mobile apps. As users continue to adopt and interact with apps, it is their data—what they say, what they do, where they go—that is transforming the app interaction paradigm.”

Apps are becoming one of the most important tools in a marketer’s toolkit. In addition to providing a treasure trove of data, brands can use apps to reach and engage with customers in a direct way.

And we all know that B2C are doing this more and more but are  B2B marketers taking notice?

According to a recent study from Advertising Age, while just 38.6 percent of marketers deployed mobile strategies last year, among those respondents, 47.3 percent used apps, compared with 21 percent in 2012.

And it’s a good thing that B2B marketers are beginning to embrace apps because the next big thing, wearable devices, are beginning to crop up on marketers’ radars.

“While wearable devices will not fully rely on, or be a slave to, mobile devices, it is a way for manufacturers to keep these devices small and efficient, therefore significantly reducing device costs in favor of using apps, which are more easily maintained and updated,” Blau said. “Considering their underlying service, most wearable devices need some type of user interface. Taking the example of a fitness-tracking device, ultimately its onboard data will need to be uploaded into the cloud, processed, and then analyzed in reporting back to the user. Apps are an obvious and convenient platform to enable great products and services to be developed.”

It is this “enabling” property about mobile is why I love them. Not only that but apps have the power to transform whole industries and even society as we know it both economically and socially!

Now if we can manage in our update to tap into the data that our customers are providing perhaps we can do something to change the lives of the people in JusTaxi too.


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