Crazy day for mobile numbers: King’s IPO and growth and the growth and growth of mobile apps

I do so love mobile gaming and apps – not only as I now work with Justaxi – the Manchester taxi fare comparison app – but also as I have always loved what changes mobile and social can really make in this world. Not just getting people cheaper or better taxis but by doing something BIG. And I don’t mean the cure for diseases or anything like that I mean BIG as in economically BIG. 

Many moons ago (and I do mean years ago) I thought it might be a good move to create a marketing company that specialised in gaming. At the time my business adviser told me that this was a crazy idea and that gaming especially mobile gaming would never be that big….. 

Hmmm…. ok …. he was old and wrong. As global spend on online movies, games and mobile apps increased by 30% to $57 (£34) billion in 2013 compared with $44 (£26) billion in 2012, research from App Annie and IHS Insight has found.

Now remember I had this ‘crazy idea’ in 2011. So perhaps he was right – it would have been crazy then but… my believe in mobile and mobile apps was not as… reported by the Drum – “Mobile apps were a critical part of that growth, with overall app spend jumping 2.3 times year-over-year to $16bn, the report found.

Music apps saw a big growth, up 77 per cent from 2012 to 2013.

“The growth was led by music services such as Pandora, which bills through app stores and also generates revenue from advertising,” the report stated.

“Subscription music services have been a driver of growth in online music in 2013, and apps are a key way of delivering that content. However, some of the most successful music apps do not use app store billing. Spotify is the most notable of the major music services that does not yet use app store billing – and so its success as one of the most downloaded music apps is not reflected in app store spend.”

Outside mobile apps, online movies was one of the strongest growing digital content categories in 2013, up 21 per cent year-over-year globally, with YouTube the most downloaded video viewing app, followed by Netflix.

Movie-related apps also played a factor, with The Hobbit Kingdom, Despicable Me and Jurassic Park Builder apps all doing well.

In terms of games, it was discovered that eight of the top 10 game app publishers in 2013 were largely mobile-centric, with King – who announced IPO plans yesterday – ranking third.”

Now this hits a particular nerve with me – as I LOVE KING – and everything they do (within reason) and their IPO to be has me all excited. 

Whether or not I would buy shares is a different matter after you see what happened to Zynga – but King reported that its revenue grew from $22m in the first quarter of 2012 to $602m in the fourth quarter of 2013. So perhaps it’s not such a bubble after all. 

But what would happen if people stopped playing the mindlessly addictive (is it really a game) Candy Crush…? Could people stop? The Candy Crush game accounts for 78% of Kings total gross bookings, according to the filing. Its second most popular game, Pet Rescue Saga, had 15m daily active users in December, a fraction of Candy Crush’s 93m. King noted in its filing that “a small number of games currently generate a substantial majority of our revenue.”

Not $%^^ sherlock 🙂 

Perhaps JusTaxi should partner with a games company and whilst people wait for a taxi they can play a game as well? The higher their score the less they have to pay for their taxi. 

Now that would be crazy…… 


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