Apple and Google offer game makers app store promotion in exchange for exclusivity


Phone giants Apple(s aapl) and Google(s goog) are striking deals with companies that make popular mobile games, offering them coveted marketing space in their app stores in exchange for the game maker offering early releases on the iOS or Android platforms.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the push to obtain a window of exclusivity resembles what occurs in the world of console-based video games, where platforms like X-Box reward game makers for exclusive distribution. In the case of mobile games, including a sequel to “Cut the Rope,” which was released on iOS in December and on Android in March, this reward comes in the form of app store promotions, which can dramatically boost downloads:

The company and Apple agreed to about a three-month window of exclusivity for Apple’s App Store, in exchange for the store prominently promoting the game […] Prominent display in an app marketplace can produce as much as a tenfold spike…

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