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The 4 Rules of Mobile Advertising By 

Marketers need to get a brand’s message across to targeted audience in a creative and clever way. More than ever before, this job is now being pursued through mobile advertising, a technique that delivers insightful and interesting brand message directly to the gadgets held by the targeted audience. Great ads can be served in native environments to their targeted audience can drive great results and higher CTR’s. Mobile advertising captures the attention of the buyers in a way that no other advertising method can. This can be seen often as it serves as a second screen and therefore are ready to engage.  ingfact TV’s have become the ‘Second Screen’.

Here are four rules of mobile advertising which you can adopt to keep your advertising campaigns efficacious and engaging.

Go Social

A massive presence on all major social media platforms is very important but you have to use your mobile advertising to reach users who already use the platforms. Social media feeds will help to brand your content right in the middle and provide you with great social media experience. It’s interesting to note that LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram have commenced rolling out native ad solutions.

Understand your Audience

To come up with effective mobile marketing campaigns, marketers should endeavor to understand their target audience. Having knowledge of your key prospects makes a lot of difference and should rank high in your list of priorities. Seek, research and understand what your customers do, where they live and how they interact with your brands and who they love. With this knowledge, you can know how best to design an appealing marketing message.

Go Mobile with Apps

Mobile advertising is designed to bring marketing content directly to the targeted consumers. Think of email marketing way back when.  The importance of apps will continue to grow and with the addition of viable mobile devices, the merits of the mobile web have been reinvigorated. Build mobile optimized websites and find the right apps to advertise using rich media ads.

Go for Rich Media Ads

The time where banners accounted for most of mobile marketing campaigns is long gone. Provide your targeted audience and existing customers with rich media for mobile advertising which they can easily engage with. Integrate the rich media ads with your social media campaigns and you will be able to deliver your mobile marketing message effectively.  This in turn can be helped with the use of native ads, that are now rich media focused.

If you are going to jump into mobile advertising, (and now it should be “when”), then make sure to do it right.  Consumers remember failures even if you it doesn’t hurt your brand.  Do it right, and do it now.


I have a few clients which will benefit from being reminded about this – and for Justaxi – Manchester best mobile taxi booking app – they will look into  rich media ads. 

Stefanie is the specialist in Mobile Advertising at justAd, a leading self-service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ads for mobile. She is chief writer and editor of Mobile Ad Geek, a blog for mobile advertising and marketing experts. Follow her on Twitter @MobileAdGeek



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