Now might be a good time to get into Mobile Gaming…. ;)

Juniper Research has released a new report on mobile gaming – which is nice timing for EnterMobile. 

1. Total revenues from mobile games will reach $28.9 billion by 2016 mobile gaming

2. This year’s revenue figure sits at $20.9 billion, which means a 38 per cent growth over two years

3. Developers are increasing their focus on user value, which means maximising their games’ potential, so players should probably expect more in-app rewards, competitive modes, and smarter advertising

4. The rise of casual free-to-play gamers has prompted developers to become more aware of mobile analytics to observe trends and reengage and profit from users to generate better ROI

5. Tablet users will spend more on in-game purchases and generate more revenue per device than users of smartphones

6. The improvements to graphics and performance on tablets will see gamers abandon traditional handheld games consoles, such as the PSP and DS, more quickly in favour of joining iPad and friends

7. Traditional handheld games consoles will still live on, but for a niche audience

8. More companies are expected to follow PlayStation’s Now project to stream gameplay across devices

9. The entertainment business is set to concentrate much more on convenience and accessibility over the next two years, so streaming will play a large role

10. Increased disposable income and smartphone usage will mean higher in-app purchase revenue from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

11. App stores continue to be the key for discovering new content, so more personalisation features are set to be introduced across the platforms to help nurture the market


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