ThriveTracker Gamifies Mood Tracking With Real World Rewards


Depression plays tricks on your mind, even when you are well. I’ve dealt with episodes of major depressive disorder since I was teenager and one thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m depressed, I find it almost impossible to remember what being well feels like, which makes me feel trapped and hopeless. On the other hand, when I’ve recovered, I tend to forget many of the warning signs and symptoms of an episode. My friend, mental health advocate Esmé Wang, calls this phenomenon “phase blindness.”

Keeping a journal or regularly logging in on a mood tracking app helps combat phase blindness, but I find committing to both of those things difficult, no matter how I am feeling. ThriveTracker, a new app developed by Adrian Cunanan, who has bipolar disorder, wants to encourage people to keep tracking their mood with a points system that can earn them real world rewards like gift…

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