Uber Hires The Team Behind Its Spotify Integration To Staff A New Mobile Dev Shop In Amsterdam


In between raising more money, fighting Lyft and regulators, and denying it will investigate journalists, Uber’s global expansion continues. To spearhead its mobile growth, Uber is setting up a mobile development shop in Amsterdam, led by one of its earliest employees and staffed by a set of new hires: a team of Dutch developers who originally worked on Uber’s Spotify integration and have served as advisors to the company since 2009.

Uber is expected to announce the mobile push in Amsterdam later today, along with the news that the office will be headed by Uber’s first engineer (and employee number two), Conrad Whelan.

In the meantime, Netherlands blog iCulture has published more details. It reports that Uber has effectively taken on 10 former employees from Dutch firm Moop.me, including the founder Jelle Prins, who will oversee design while Whelan will run engineering.

Uber has not acquired the whole agency. (“There is no…

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